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Martin Boyd Young Country at its best!

A potted history of Martin’s rise to popularity.

Young talent - history

Martin was introduced to Sylvan by long term artiste and friend Paul Taylor.  He said that he had spotted this young man and his partner Charlotte and thought that they would go down really well on the circuit in the future.  Sylvia took a listen and invited them to go on to the annual Country Music Taster which Sylvan hold at Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Surrey. This is a platform for new and established artistes to be seen and heard.

Martin and Charlotte arrived at the venue and were apprehensive once they saw the size.  A  home video records their feelings as they opened the doors.  On stage they were nervous but the talent shone through and they were welcomed in a way that only a country music audience can do.  

A few bookings came from this but Sylvia had other ideas and suggested to Martin that instead of a duo, he should become a solo artiste and she started to obtain bookings.  She then re-introduced him as such on the following year’s Country Music Taster where Martin took to the stage and owned it!  

Since then bookings have increased and Martin is gaining confidence and also many friends and fans around the country.

His first love is Country Music but he is adding songs for line dancers along the way.  Watch out for this talented young man!